Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tubular Rankings!!!

Ok, I've ridden tons of tubulars over the years, and posted my ranking recently on weightweenies.
Thought I should share here as well, and I will update this posting over time...

Based on performance and value I'd rank them:

- Veloflex Extreme - light, smooth and not too pricey (as seen on my ITM's in the intro posting)

- Dugast Silk - best ride quality hands down, price is fair, but durability might be an issue - see my Trek Madone posting for those

- Vittoria Corsa 320 - slightly more supple than the old version and can be found everywhere

- 2010 Schwalbe Ultremo - light, and smooth, but appear a bit fragile

- Challenge Criterium / Forte cotton - great value in a good all-around package

- Veloflex Carbon / Criterium - older, heavier version of the Extreme, still a great tubular

- Dugast Cotton - Nice tire, but harsher than the silk for almost the same price

- Vittoria Corsa 290 - The former benchmark

- Conti Competition / GP 4000 - solid tires, and pretty durable, but average ride quality

- Zipp Tangente - not cheap, so-so ride quality, and I just don't believe the dimples do anything

- Tufo (anything) - harsh ride, but light and cheap

- Conti Sprinter - boat anchors, but hold up well to major miles
Next up:
- Getting some cotton FMB CX's in from Fairwheel, and
- Challenge Seta's in from Ribble

We will see how those run and I can then add to this list.


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  1. Would love to hear how you like/rank the cotton FMBs. Trying to pick my tubulars now for my mad fibers..